We please ask that you book your on-island move at least 48 hours prior to your preferred moving date.
We are proud of what we do because we know we do it best at Your Friend With A Truck. Whether you are a commercial realtor looking to have items removed to help your client close on their home, or you are a homeowner looking to get rid of years of basement clutter, Your Friend With A Truck is here for you.

Call us today to schedule an in-home estimate or to receive a free, no obligation quote 508-221-5675. If you feel you have a good understanding of our services and pricing, we would encourage you to fill out our Estimate Form. You will receive a confirmation call within 24-48 hours.

Our staff is trained to work around the clock as efficiently and carefully as possible when removing items from your home or work space. Here at Your Friend With A Truck we guarantee that all removed waste is disposed of properly and with high environmental regard. Nantucket is our home and we treat it with the utmost respect.

We remove everything from household waste, construction, demolition, wood stoves, water heaters, oil tanks, boilers, paint, large furniture, appliances, small boats, mopeds, bikes, grills, etc. If you can dream it, we can remove it.

We aim to bring most reusable items to the TAKE-IT OR LEAVE-IT or contact local second-hand stores to donate. However, non-reusable items are susceptible to Nantucket Department of Public Works Fees. Below is table of DPW items and their associated costs:

DPW Landfill Fees


All removals are priced by LABOR, YFWT DUMP FEE, and DPW DUMP FEE

  • LABOR: $60 an hour per mover (2-4)
  • YFWT DUMP FEE: $50-$100 per load
  • LABOR: Hourly wages are barred by a 1 hour minimum with half hour increments (30 minutes), thereafter.
  • YFWT DUMPING FEE is applied when a removal job requires us to go to the dump.
    Price based on size/weight of the load and is measured as single loads = $50-$100 (10’box-16’box).
  • DPW DUMP FEE: Prices vary