We please ask that you book your off-island move at least 2 weeks prior to your preferred moving date.

If you’re moving to the island or moving off the island, there is NO better moving service to get you where you’re going. Allow us take on the headache of the seemingly endless Steamship Authority line, and the forever changing weather.

We at Your Friend With A Truck know the INs and OUTs of connecting Nantucket to the Mainland. Our local team of movers are familiar and respect all parts of island travel. We encourage our customers and community to save themselves the hastle of contracting mainland companies to do an island mover’s job.

Your Friend With A Truck’s service area expands the continental United States. If our trucks aren’t up to the size of the job, we will rent the appropriate truck from one of our dealers. Your Friend With A Truck’s team of drivers are experienced and licensed to drive all trucks.

Call us today to schedule an in-home estimate or to receive a free, no obligation quote 508-221-5675. If you feel you have a good understanding of our services and pricing, we would encourage you to fill out our Estimate Form. You will receive a confirmation call within 24-48 hours.


We please ask that all off-island moves are booked at least two weeks prior during the off-season (December-March) and three weeks prior during the busy seasons (April-November). If an off-island move is booked after the two to three week benchmark a 20% Scheduling Fee will be added to the Steamship Authority bill.

Steamship Authority Pricing


All off-island moves are priced by LABOR, BOAT TICKETS, TRAVEL TIME, and TRUCK LOAD/DISTANCE

  • LABOR: $60 an hour per mover (2-5)
  • TRAVEL TIME: $40 an hour per mover
  • TRUCK LOAD/DISTANCE: $50-$100 + $1 per mile
  • TRUCKS: 10’ box fits a small storage unit (5×5-10×10), 1 Bedroom home, and Nantucket Shuffle apartments comfortably.
    16’ box truck fits large storage units (10×15-10×25), 2-3 Bedroom home, and commercial office or retail store comfortably.
  • LABOR hourly wages are barred by a 1 hour minimum with half hour increments (30 minutes), thereafter.
  • TRUCK LOAD/DISTANCE is a price based on size/weight of the load and is measured in single loads = $50-$100 (10’box-16’box). Distance is priced at $1 per mile.